The Dublin-based artist speaks on his latest single 'Remember Me', delving into fashion and film in his spare time and being a part of Ireland's blossoming music scene.

What were the initial inspirations for your latest release ‘Remember Me’?

I wanted to make a record that reflected how I feel about people that do you wrong then slowly try to edge back in once they see you are on a high or something. I’m not about that whatsoever, it is probably the one thing that will annoy me the most and the quickest lol. I’m always glad when I am able to encapsulate something clear within the music, like I could go back three years later and understand exactly what it is I was feeling at that moment in time.

How was the process of working with Brien on the track?

Absolutely sick! I’ve known Pete for awhile now just off of socials so when we made 'Remember Me' it was the first time that we had ever met up in person but there was just a natural chemistry that translated into the session. We linked up in his studio in Belfast and I’m pretty sure that the first song we made was Remember Me and he just made the instrumental insanely quick. Like he was picking up on exactly what I was describing and just turned a beat into a song. So much to come between him and I this year so I’m very excited!

How did your collaboration with Osquello come about for ‘The Long Road’ and what was it like creating the track with him and Gaptoof?

It was great, Osquello has been an artist that I wanted to do something with for some time now so him being on the track was a moment for sure! I just knew Gaptoof would be the right man for production duties so I ran it by him, and he was all for it. It was an online effort seeing as though all three of us are based so far away from each other, but we made it work!

"... I’ve only released a handful of singles just because I want each to reflect my personal growth as an artist ..."

You released your first single ‘Moonboy’ back in 2019, what were the main influences that went into the release?

Sex. Aspirations. Dreams. To sum up the song pretty much, all those three things somehow merged into writing 'Moonboy'. It was my first song I uploaded onto streaming platforms, so I just wanted it to be something which resonated with the people as it did with me.

How did that work as a good introduction to your sound and how was the reaction to your first release?

It served as a good introduction for what I’ve been on up until this point. I’m always developing so the mindset I used to make 'Moonboy' is different to the mindset I’m using to make my music these days.

The reaction was very cool though, I’ll never forget it. Got picked up by New Music Friday UK and i-D’s weekly playlist I was just thinking what is going on you know! In the weeks that followed my inbox was just filled with industry emails etc, I even flew out to London for a couple meetings which was mad at the time. The day after I released 'Moonboy' was my birthday, so it was quite the present hahah.

How do you feel that your sound has evolved since that first single?

It’s definitely developed and improved since then. I’m always learning and striving to get better. That’s why since 'Moonboy' I’ve only released a handful of singles just because I want each to reflect my personal growth as an artist as opposed to spamming music for the sake of it. I’ve definitely come into my own since that single, so I'm confident and excited to put out more music this year for the people!

"... I delve into hours and hours of just researching fashion, drawing, and watching films."

What can we expect from your upcoming debut EP?

It’s just going to be a piece of me. I’ve tried to make it as personal as possible all the while still paying close attention to the musical aspect of it. So hopefully people can take away musical enjoyment as well as connect with the stories I am trying to put across.

Do you take inspiration from artistic mediums other than music e.g film/fashion

Ah yeah 100%. During the downtime between creating music I delve into hours and hours of just researching fashion, drawing, and watching films. Someday I want to make my own collection of clothes to be shown in a fashion show, make my own art to be sold and direct and produce anything to do with film. Definitely doing all of that just opens up new floodgates of creativity that aid in me making new music.

How has creating during lockdown been for you?

Hasn’t been the easiest but I’ve been making do with the situation as I’m sure lots are. There was so much I had planned which obviously have had to be cancelled or they just keep getting pushed back constantly. It’s annoying but everything is coming along, just a lot slower than I had anticipated.

"Everybody is shining in their own rights and I feel that eyes outside of Ireland are begging to take notice which is very cool. "

With Ireland having so many rising, talented artists, how is it to be a part of a thriving music scene over there?

It's sick being involved as there’s just a lot of different talent across many different genres. Everybody is shining in their own rights and I feel that eyes outside of Ireland are begging to take notice which is very cool. We’re all winning!

Being from Ireland, are there any local artists you would recommend?

Kean Kavanagh, Gemma Dunleavy and EFE.

Which artists first inspired you to get into music and who is inspiring you today?

Honestly, it’s so different to the sounds I’m making now but I remember when I first started, I think I was like 14 or 15 all I was trying to emulate was Tyler, The Creator and Odd Future. I just liked that they had such a "we don’t care attitude" plus the tunes they had were different! Yeah, from listening to that I decided why not give it a go hahah, here we are today!

Today I kind of stick to my own gut when it comes to musical inspiration. What inspires me from others is not so much what music they make but like the stories behind it, or that person in general. The scope of what inspires me has definitely expanded since I first started!

If you had to recommend five artists to your listeners, who would they be?

Connie Constance


Master Peace



What’s coming up for the rest of 2020?

The EP. Some shows if corona will allow for that to happen and just all-around good vibes!

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