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London-based producer Cam Wild on his latest single 'My Ting', working with INFAMOUSIZAK and Young Adz and his advice for producers starting out. 

What was the inspiration for ‘My Ting’ and how did the collaboration with INFAMOUSIZAK come about?


The inspiration for it was his last single, I just wanted to make another feel-good record. His last single was 'Public Enemy' and that was my first introduction to him. A friend connected us and then I reached out and he was keen. We met up and then wrapped it up. 


What was it like working on the track and what was your creative process?

 I like to make things from scratch, I never bring an artist a pre-made song. They're all made originally. It’s important to me that the music is an extension of the artist. I had an idea and then crafted it with him. I made it in front of him and made sure he felt the track. 


How did your collaboration with Young Adz come about for, ‘Crazy Life’?

 I signed my first deal with him when he was 16, he’s like my family. I’ve known him for years. 


What was it like working on that track and what inspired the sound you went for?

 Trap music was the inspiration. I wanted to make a new-age trap sound and then “Crazy Life” is what happened. 


How did your track ‘Bank Roll’ end up on D-Block Europe’s ‘Home Alone’ and what was the inspiration for the instrumental?

Adz rang me and asked if he could use “Bank Roll”, I said yes. 


On inspiration, I played some chords with him, liked them and then that became the inspiration.  The artist is always the main inspiration for the track. 


"Work hard, don’t stop,

stay consistent."

What was the influence behind your production for ‘Nice Guy with Aero?

I wanted to do something with pianos and found the chord ... then that was it.  


How did you first get into production and what drew you to it?

I’ve been making music since I was in school. I don’t know what drew me to it. I learnt what a producer was when I was 12 and started using Fruity Loops and just carried on. Making music was the most important thing to me and I never stopped.

"He taught me about simplicity and the value of it."

 What are your top three tips for producers starting out?

Work hard, don’t stop, stay consistent.  


How does collaboration with other artists push you creatively?

They inspire all my tracks uniquely. I love collaborating and finding a unique sound for me and the artist.  


Which artist taught you something that you’ve carried with you when creating and what was it?

Aero Sinc. He taught me about simplicity and the value of it. He’s a very deep artist, who really understands music. 


If you had to pick two of your tracks to display your versatility, what would they be?

“Wichita" by Domino Gold which I produced and then "My Ting". They show the range of producing I can do.






















Do you feel that having a knowledge of instrumentation is important to producing?

 100%! If you want to be a versatile producer, you have to have some knowledge of music theory, especially if you want to be a serious contender. Music theory comes in so many different shapes and forms but you have to pay attention to it. 


If you could produce for any artist, who would it be and what kind of track would you like to make?

FKA Twigs, I love her. She's so captivating. 


If you had to recommend five artists to your listeners, who would they be?

Jafaris, Miraa May,  Aero Sinc, Little Dragon and Jai Pool  


What’s coming up for the rest of 2020?


Lots of collabs coming with some bigger and some smaller artists and hopefully some videos when possible. 

 "100%! If you want to be a versatile producer, you have to have some knowledge of music theory."

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