Talking to Welsh lyricist Deyah on her latest EP 'Care City', the importance of visuals and storytelling in her music and her label imprint 'High Mileage, Low Life'.

What was the main narrative of your latest project, ‘Care City’?


'Care City' was purely a documentation of the most chaotic season in my life,

where each track documents a certain period of time within that season.


What was your creative process like whilst creating the EP?


Normally, I put more thought towards creating a project but 'Care City' came

together organically. I didn’t take into consideration what the listeners wanted

to hear or the expectations they had, but more so what I felt to create. This

project felt freeing, I would listen to a wide range of beats and have the record

button on ready, so I could rap or sing straight onto the track if melodies or

bars came to mind.

Sonically, what were you hoping to convey through your production on the EP?


I’d say I hoped for the project to come across quite mellow and in alignment

with the theme of substance abuse, lack of identity, confusion, and the feeling

of being lost, etc... I wanted each beat to work with and compliment the lyrics.


"Life IS the constant pattern of falling and getting back up."

How important is it for you to tell a story with your music?


It’s vital for me to story tell in my material, as all my work is based around my

experiences, what I’ve learnt and my shortcomings. However, I try to storytell using different methods in order to reach different souls.


 If you had to pick a song or a line from any track on ‘Care City’ to try and capture the tone of the project, what would it be and why?


‘I know that I have fallen, the fall is nothing new’. That bar is found in 'Liquor

Lament', the last track on the project. Life IS the constant pattern of falling and

getting back up. This fall of mine was the worst yet but falls are inevitable and

the whole project documents that.


How do you feel your sound has grown from, ‘Lover Loner’ to your most recent project?


I feel like my sound has grown a lot. Like I said previously, I created what I

wanted, not what was suggested and because of that, the project is so much

more authentic and organic. 'Care City' was constructed from a totally different

mental space to 'Lover//Loner' – a fearless, more open and developed mental


"It’s vital for me to story tell in my material, as all my work is based around my experiences, what I’ve learned and my shortcomings."

What was your inspiration for both the ‘Okoposire’ and ‘Venthouse Suite’ videos and how important are visuals to you?


Visuals are mad important to me. I wanted something simple as well as

powerful for 'Venthouse Suite' – I wanted the message to be heard and seen

through the visuals, whereas 'Okoposire' was planned slightly differently.

'Okoposire' is more of a vibe to listen to, so I thought to go deep with the visuals

and pick up on the whole ‘City’ vibe.

Which artists inspired you to get into rapping and who sets the bar for lyricism, for you?


I grew up listening to the cats from the old-school era, Queen Latifah , Mc Lyte ,

Da Brat , A Tribe Called Quest , old school Busta Rhymes , Tupac , Snoop , Slum

Village etc... As of now, I’d say J Cole, Manga Saint Hilare, Wretch 32, Saba

and Ghetts.


What do you hope people take away from your music?


I hope my music provokes conversation and promotes and encourages

accountability, peace of mind, truth, honesty, an ending to shame, connection,

comfort and openness.


 Can you tell us a bit about your label imprint ‘High Mileage, Low Life’?


'High Mileage, Low Life' is a reminder that no matter how many accolades, titles,

awards, followers, and achievements you have, you can still be subject to

having a low life. There is way more to life than accomplishments. In

terms of the structure to the label, there’s not a great deal to tell at the minute.

I’m still working on the fine-tuning of it but soon I hope you will see greatness

from it.


 Which artists inspired you to get into music and which artists are inspiring you today?


Michael Jackson , Lauryn Hill , Pharrell , Jill Scott , Kanye West , Erykah Badu ,

Lupe Fiasco , Alicia Keys , Andre 3000 etc... I’d say, Saba , J Cole , Sampa The

Great , Manga Saint Hilare, Little Simz , Burna Boy and Alicia Keys are

inspiring me at the minute.


Who are five artists you would recommend to your listeners?


Sampa The Great , Saba , Cardo Remel , Che Lingo , Kojey Radical.


What have you been working on lately and what’s coming up for the rest of 2020?


I’m currently working on my next project, as well as a batch of collaborations,

new visuals and some new merch. 2020 has been full of surprises thus far so

I intend to go with the theme of surprises and surprise you...

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