The Leeds-based, three-piece chat about the release of their second project 'Volume Two', working alongside some of the UK's best upcoming artists and maintaining a raw creative energy within their music.


Speaking with the multi-hyphenate artist on being featured in this year's Future Bubblers, how he takes influence from his Iranian roots and creating atmospheres within his sound. 


The London-based producer chats about the release of his latest single 'She Rises', the upcoming release of his debut EP '3000 Realms and his favourite upcoming artists in the UK scene.


The French-born, London-based producer/artist speaks about the release of his debut EP 'Eros', his

genre-bending influences and his top tips for getting into producing.


The UK producer talks about his upcoming project 'Dead Sweet', producing for everyone from Jhene Aiko to Tori Kelly and the importance of patience in producing.


London's genre-bending and all-encompassing artist chats about his latest project 'BTO!', creating his incredible visual 'ọlọtẹ' and how important narratives are to challenging himself musically. 


The Virginia-based five-piece chat about their new project '#KingButch', the importance of improvisation and recording an album in a day at Zelig Studios.


Brighton's producer/DJ chats about the release of his debut EP 'Exertion', collaborating with fellow upcoming artists BINA. and Bawo and keeping his creative process personal. 


The Newham-born producer speaks on his latest EP 'c2c', the inspiration behind his singular debut EP 'Mellow' and his most versatile tracks alongside Skepta and A$AP Rocky.


The Roc Nation signee talks about her latest project

'Middle Matters', being scouted for Jay-Z by Jay Electronica and taking inspiration for her music from Anime.


The Belgium-based duo speak on their upcoming lockdown-inspired project 'Yellockdown', who their favourite Belgian artists are and how they were first introduced to production.  


The Softboy records co-founder speaks on his recent release 'Roll Over!', which local Irish artists you should know about and working with a range of upcoming artists as a producer at the independent label.  


The South-London based, Future Bounce artist speaks on her latest release 'Mami Wata', growing in her sound as a producer and the process of directing visuals for her music.


The London-based producer by way of Manchester and Leeds speaks on her latest single 'Don't Kid Urself', her process of creating as a producer/artist and how she goes about incorporating visuals into her music.


The genre-hopping producer/artist speaks on his latest release 'Save Me From Myself' Pt 1&2, his roots in music as an instrumentalist and his recommendations of artists never conforming to industry and genre standards.


The LA-based producer and creative speaks about his latest single 'AIN'T SWEET' alongside Buddy and Matt Ox, working with Kehlani and KYLE and his latest endeavour Brick by Brick Studios. 


London-based rapper, producer and instrumentalist speaks on his latest single 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', creating his vibrant narratives within his debut EP and the importance of visuals to his music. 


London's eclectic producer/artist speaks on the process of his latest project 'Tomorrow's Almost Over', how he first got into production and being influenced to remain a storyteller in his music. 


Speaking with London's genre-jumping producer Subculture on his latest mixtape 'I Dream of Everything', the origins of Subculture Sage and pushing artists out of their comfort zone.


Bristol's genre-bending producer/artist speaks on his latest EP 'Fourth Wall', creating a hybrid of live instruments and experimental production and taking inspiration from multiple art forms. 


ATL's alternative-RnB producer speaks on his latest single 'AuraBlu' alongside Elujay and MIA GLADSTONE, his beginnings in production and Atlanta's music scene.


After the release of his 'It's Alright' music video, we spoke to West-London's Xadi on his latest single 'Kappa', the creative process as a producer/artist and staying creative during lockdown. 


Talking to London-based producer and rapper dxvl, on his latest project 'The Winter Collection II', taking influence from his love of football and his most versatile work,

so far.


London-based producer Cam Wild on his latest single 'My Ting', working with INFAMOUSIZAK and Young Adz and his advice for producers starting out. 

 Le3 bLACK 

Speaking with SE London's producer/artist on his upcoming album, his incredibly eclectic, self-produced debut 'Do As You Wish' and which artists you should be keeping an eye on.


Talking with alternative-soul producer Joe Hertz on his latest project, 'Night / Daze', how collaboration pushes him creatively and his top tips for new producers.