Norway's futuristic-soul five-piece talk about the release of their debut mixtape 'GiddyMix', trying to continue creating throughout lockdown and their favourite hometown artists.

What was the inspiration for your debut project ‘GiddyMix’?

We actually didn't intend to make a mixtape, but it all came together because of some of our friends over at “Also Known As” (an Oslo based creative collective consisting of photographers, movie makers and art designers) just started a new concept for DJs and producers called “Also Radio” and asked if we wanted to contribute!

What was the process like of making this debut project and who did you work with in creating it?


We made the whole thing ourselves in our purple practice room! Our drummer Sigmund just started making beats and over time it got better and we all jumped on some of the beats, and also we made some all together!


It was a very spontaneous process but when Sarah wrote the lyrics and melodies all the beats glued together and it all made sense to us.


What were the main sounds that you wanted to explore?

We wanted people to really feel our music. We found out collectively that what we loved the most was jazz, hip hop, gospel or any American soul in which you can feel the music because it's so heartfelt - we wanted our listeners to experience the same feeling when hearing our music.  


We spent almost a year trying to find our sound and we quickly found out it is a journey that we will be on for the rest of our lives!

What were the influences behind your debut release ‘Thunderstorms’?

In March, due to the Covid-19 breakout in Norway, we were getting into a good flow with writing and performing. The sudden lockdown forced us to go home to our families in four different places in Norway. We got so desperate sitting in our homes unable to use the inspiration we had gathered to make some good music, so we had to get creative. From three different homes we wrote and recorded the song, sending tracks back and forth. It was really fun and creative despite the difficult time during lockdown.

How important was it for you guys to stay creative and connected with each other during lockdown?

We were in a good flow in the beginning of 2020 so it was really frustrating that it all stopped so suddenly. But we really got some time to write and also work on our image and future plans.


Being from Oslo, what is the music scene like there?

Hip hop, lo-fi and soul is a growing scene in Oslo and in Norway! We feel like there’s more room for our kind of music nowadays in Norway. 

"We found that ‘giddy' described us in a funny way but we needed something more in the name!"

Are there any local artists that you would recommend?


Our friends:

Ivan Ave





How did GiddyGang first form and what are your aims, musically, as a group?


Wow, it feels scary to reveal our dreams! But of course we want as many people as possible to listen to our music and feel happy doing it! Also we would love to tour after the whole Covid-19 situation calms down.


"We jam a lot to get into a good flow for creativity and inspiration. It’s also a part of the language of music that we like to discover."

What was the inspiration for the name ‘GiddyGang’?


Sarah and Sigmund were eating breakfast listening to Phony PPL, wishing we came up with that band name. Haha! We found that ‘giddy' described us in a funny way but we needed something more in the name! We thought that to be a gang was funny and cool - and boom there we had it! GiddyGang!


What we love about our name is that its so easy to come up with wordplays like the name of the mixtape «Giddy Mix»

How important is it for you guys to bring together all of your influences in order to create something new and authentic?

Super important - that is what makes us, us! 

Is improvisation important for finding new creative ground and evolving your sound further?

Absolutely! We jam a lot to get into a good flow for creativity and inspiration. It’s also a part of the language of music that we like to discover.

Which artists inspired you to get into music and who is inspiring you today?


That’s very different for each member, but what united us as group were artists like D’Angelo, J Dilla, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and David T. Walker.


Today we’re inspired by a lot of different music like Anderson .Paak, Butcher Brown, DJ Harrison, Robert Glasper, R+R=Now, Noname, Common, The Roots and A Tribe Called Quest.

If you had to recommend five artists to your listeners who would they be?


Anderson .Paak


August Greene

Athletic Progression

DJ Harrison

 What’s coming up for the rest of 2020?

We just moved into a very nice studio, so our plan is to spend time there and make a lot of fresh music for you! We’re working towards an album!

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