The London-raised musician creating his own wave of modern neo-soul speaks on the release of his new EP 'That Secret Sauce', how the collaboration with Rhythm Section came about and the importance of freedom of expression.


Nigeria's rising singer/songwriter and producer chats about the inspiration behind his latest single 'Enjoyment', his signing to Aristokrat Records and working towards his debut EP.


We spoke to Luton's rising lyricist ahead of the release of her debut EP 'Full Time Daydreamer' to chat about working on her latest single with p-rallel, creating DIY visuals during the pandemic and her favourite hometown artists.


Louisville's emerging singer/songwriter speaks on creating her debut EP 'Love Letterz', catching the attention of and working with production legend Timbaland and who her favourite hometown artists are.


The North London raised musician speaks on his vulnerable latest single 'Hold On', the life-line that was creating his debut EP 'Omertà' and the importance of honesty within his music.


The rising and experimental Canadian R&B artist speaks about his latest single 'Worldwide', the intricate process of creating his debut album and his JUNO Award nomination.


Croydon's immersive musician speaks on the inspiration for his latest release 'Love', the role of his creative house 'WORKS' within his visuals and remaining honest in his songwriting.


In the lead up to her new EP, the Parisian artist chats about her latest single 'CREEPS' featuring Elheist, the humble beginnings of Gucci Gang and her favourite artists of Paris' thriving music scene.


Speaking on his latest single 'Tables Turn', the London-based musician speaks on creating his ambitious visuals, his constantly evolving sound and the process of creating his debut EP 'Volts'.


Speaking on his latest single 'KNOW ANYONE?!' alongside LEMZI, the London-raised musician chats about creating his recent EP 'Reflections' and drawing his listeners into his vibrant world.


Milton Keynes' rising, rap prodigy speaks on his latest single 'Rock With Me', the inspiration for his debut, 'Letter To Boris' and why it was important for him to perform Drill on national TV for The Voice.


Releasing her first independent EP 'All at Once', the Essex-born singer/songwriter speaks on finding inspiration in the seasons, having Tyler, the Creator as a fan and her journey on The Voice.


The London-based singer/songwriter speaks on working with Tyegreen on their latest EP 'What About Summer?', the importance of working alongside fellow rising artists and who she's been listening to.


Releasing her new single 'No Words' today, the South-London songstress speaks on the process of releasing her first singles of the year, finding inspiration in lockdown and her visually-charged sound.

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North-West London's atmospheric lyricist chats about his latest single 'Bunnies' alongside Kish! and Abiiogenesis, being influenced by the cloud-rap genre and taking inspiration from video games.


The South-London vocalist chats about the release of his debut EP 'Vibe In The Winter', the importance of creating something that you haven't heard before and becoming more personal in his music.


The London-based artist and creative speaks about dropping his first releases of the year, the process of creating his debut album 'Leki' and his work within the music community.


The London-lyricist chats about the release of his latest single 'Let Me Be Great (Abeg)', the stressful yet rewarding process of creating his debut EP 'Phoenix 92' and staying multifaceted in his sound.


The emerging Nashville-based musician speaks on the process of his latest project 'Boys Wear Pearls', the influence he draws from fashion and being protective of his art.


The London-based musician speaks about his latest release 'Where The Money At?', the inspirations for his debut project 'Tales of Charliee Whitee' and his love for film.


After the release of her debut EP, the North-London based musician speaks on the process of creating '2Personal', her favourite local artists and always remaining honest in her writing.


The Lagos-based musician chats about the release of his latest single 'Longé', creating his forthcoming, debut EP 'Ileké' in under a week and his all-encompassing sound.


South-London's playful-lyricist speaks on dropping a trilogy of EP's last year, the impact that freestyling has on his process and the importance of consistency. 


The forward-thinking musician and creative chats about his latest 'La Haine' inspired visual 'For The Birds', creating his 'Stranger Days' comic book and staying creative throughout lockdown.


North-West London's imaginative-lyricist speaks on the release of his debut project 'BRUCE', his love for London's tight-knit music community and taking his listeners on a journey.


The Bristol-based singer/songwriter chats about dropping her latest visuals for 'Heaven', having En:vy on the single's remix and shares who some of her favourite rising artists are.


After the release of her latest single 'Cuts & Bruises', the Orpington-based artist speaks on  creating her debut EP, straying away from genres and her love for creating visuals.


Bristol's cosmic-soul artist chats about her latest single 'Maze', the DIY approach she takes to creating music and her love for her unwavering fanbase.


The visually-charged, UK artist chats about releasing his second single 'Moon', getting to grips with the Keyboard and creating his music to vivid imagery.


West-London's, multi-faceted musician chats about her new project 'VS EVERYTHING', working on her production skills and her love for London's eclectic music scene.


We chat to Birmingham's rising R&B artist on the release of her debut album 'Everything Is Changing', finding her sound alongside producer Reginald Smith and the stressful process of creating visuals.


The London-based, artist/producer chats about his latest collaborative project 'Something Behind Me' alongside Goldie and James Davidson, the process of making his debut 'Osqstock' and staying creative during lockdown.


The Dublin-based artist speaks on his latest single 'Remember Me', delving into fashion and film in his spare time and being a part of Ireland's blossoming music scene.


The LA-based, multi-faceted musician chats about his first release 'Blue Gene', his path to working as an artist in his own right and the important intersections between his music and visuals.


The South-East London based artist talks about the release of his latest single 'Poetic Justice' alongside Tom Misch, starting his own imprint Pepper Records and his upcoming 'Sgt. Culpepper' album.


The London-based, genre-jumping artist chats about the release of his latest EP 'OVMBR: Roses', telling stories through his visuals and the importance of shining a light on new talent.