North-West London's atmospheric lyricist chats about his latest single 'Bunnies' alongside Kish! and Abiiogenesis, being influenced by the cloud-rap genre and taking inspiration from video games.

How did the collaboration come about for your latest single ‘Bunnies’ alongside KISH! And Abiiogenesis and how was working with these guys on the track?


I have been a fan of both artists for a while now, listening to their respective catalogues and I just felt like they and myself would complement each other nicely on a track. I feel like we all bring a different energy and style that combines well, and so working with them was easy.

What were your main inspirations for the track and how was the process of creating it?

I woke up one morning, made the beat and felt like it was one for the shows, to get people jumping about and enjoying themselves. The inspiration came from the production and the general vibe of the day I wrote the chorus, it was sunny, around April 2019, so I guess Easter was on my mind.


What were the initial inspirations for your final release of 2020 ‘Entity’?

Initial inspirations for 'Entity' were winter nights, scary movies and the Resident Evil series. I had this idea of creating a spooky track that oozed mystery and a sense of having a side to yourself that was a bit darker, so when I made that beat I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

"I wanted that project to sound like a Nintendo game ... that still had roots in classic hip-hop."

2019 saw you release your debut single as well as two projects, how do you feel your sound has evolved since those first releases?

I feel like the first of those projects was really the product of me trying to capture and master my own sound, inspired by the music and popular culture I love. The second, 'Aether Way', was more experimental and inspired by the underground scenes ‘cloud rap’ genre. If anything, my music has evolved as I have evolved and the next project is the most accurate representation of my character and persona.

What was the creative process like of making your debut project ‘Final Fate I’?

Creative process was different to what it is now. Now I produce and know more about the layers of a track, it's different, whereas back then I’d just find a beat and write the lyrics. The process behind 'Final Fate I' was pure and simple, just me being creative with lyrics and flows.

Sonically, where did you want to take that project and who did you work with on the EP?

I wanted that project to sound like a Nintendo game, to have a digital, retro sound that still had roots in classic hip-hop. The tape was mixed and mastered by me, of course it was inspired by the people who made the production but apart from that, mainly myself.

"I fell in love with the cloud rap... and felt inspired to create something of my own."

How do gaming soundtracks influence your sound and what are some of your biggest influences?

Games inspire my life regularly, and some of the games that inspire me the most are ones that have a grind, as I feel it’s that grind and hard work to reach a goal that relates to life the most. Games like Pokemon, Super Mario, Call of Duty and even anime series Sword Art Online have inspired me greatly. The idea of simulating different realities is a big concept for me.

What themes did you want to explore in your second project ‘Aether Way’?

'Aether Way' was inspired by the sounds of artists like Dxvl, who actually produced a majority of the tracks on there. I fell in love with the cloud rap, ethereal type of sound that was coming from these artists and felt inspired to create something of my own. I feel that ethereal sound went well with the theme of life and death within the project, understanding the light and dark of the world and maturing mentally.

As someone who raps on a variety of genres and styles, if you had to choose two of your tracks to best show your range as an artist, which would you choose and why?


I’d choose 'Minerva' and 'Faces' as I think they both represent two different styles and genres. 'Minerva' is my old school, boom-bap influence, whereas 'Faces' is more modern, more melody based.


"Games inspire my life regularly ... the most are ones that have a grind, as I feel it’s that grind and hard work to reach a goal that relates to life the most."

Do you take inspiration from creative mediums other than music such as film/fashion etc? 

Of course, film and TV are huge influences just like life in general. You learn a lot from watching content like that and it shapes your mentality, it’s part of your environment.

Which artists first inspired you to get into music and who is inspiring you today?

I’ve been into rap my whole life with major influences including Joey Bada$$, Mac Miller, Isaiah Rashad and Kendrick Lamar who are still inspiring me today.

If you had to recommend five artists to your listeners, who would you choose?


Some of the local artists I would recommend would be KIT, ySo, Kish!, Abiiogenesis and Cassius Gray and would definitely be the five I would recommend to my listeners.


What’s coming up for 2021?


I recently dropped a project on Soundcloud and Bandcamp called ‘Rooftop Sessions EP’ so if you haven’t yet then be sure to go check that out. As you know, ‘Bunnies’ releases on all platforms on 23 April, which is the first single of the new project I’m working on entitled ‘Planet Hibernation’, so make sure you keep an eye out for that. This will be followed by visuals and more singles from the project throughout the rest of 2021, hopefully we’ll get to do some live shows this year as well!


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