Talking to London's KEEPVIBESNEAR on his new single, 'Days Get Better', his creative process and expressing his vulnerabilty through music.


What was the inspiration for your latest single, ‘Days Get Better’?


My Single “Days Get Better” which dropped Thursday 29th, is inspired by that moment when you have to just give in to your other half for both your sakes. And accept that you both want better and if you both believe and allow that things will be good. In a nutshell haha 


Inspiration and underlying themes for the project ‘When Will We Realise?’


 My inspiration for When Will We Realise was how I was feeling at the time. Inspiration from the relationship and how I perceived it. Think it was a good project for me because all the songs were pretty close to home. I just let it be almost like an outpour. 


What do you hope your listeners take away from the project?


I want to familiarise my listeners with the idea that it’s ok for men to be vulnerable whether we admit it to ourselves or not. Like there nothing wrong with that. I’d like to think my songs are relatable.


What is your creative process like when you create, do you have a specific structure or just go with the flow? Did that change for your debut?


Early on I just went with the flow working on my own stuff. But I was like locked up for a long time just creating. Now I’m more experience with working with other producers and I’m different studio’s I feel like my process is a bit more thought out depending on who I’m working with or things like that but I still like it being as natural and free-flowing as possible.


Do you produce/who do you work with?


I don’t produce at all but I work with a handful of producers pretty regularly, built some strong bonds with producers like Drew Kwame , Harvey Whyte & sincewestbrook. But since my debut I’ve really stepped out working with other people.


Do you like to collaborate or work alone? Pros and cons of both?


I love to collaborate now, I steered away from it early on cause I was heart-set on developing my own thing. But now that I feel like I have that it expands my capabilities working with people for the first time. New outlooks really help in the studio.


Who is currently influencing your sound?


Erm currently I’d say biggest influence on my sound is my friend Harvey Whyte we been working a lot and feel we really tapping into something which is its own thing. But other than that I’ve been listening to a lot of Daniel Caesar, Luke Burr & Sir’s new project , which I just love sonically and can’t get out of my weekly rotation.


How did your collab with Leo Bhanji and Virgil Hawkins on ‘Crossing Waters’ come about?


Well I somehow got in contact with 237 on Instagram, ended up chatting to Virgil showing love to eachother’s sound. Always said we needed to run some sessions so when we did it was productive, Leo was there when I pulled up and we just got carried away. 


Would you like to do more collaborations with upcoming artists?


Yeah I would definitely, have a lot of artists that I’ve been speaking about doing collars with it’s just a matter of time before it get’s hashed out properly. I have an absolute smooth one coming with Danny Sanchez .


How does growing up and living in London inspire you and your sound?


I think it affected me a bit just being in and around what it’s like here. I think it’s a good time to be from London. 


Last album you couldn’t stop listening too?


Still can’t stop listening to Mac Ayers “Juicebox” & Daniel Caesar “Case Study 101


Top 5 artist recommendations?


Ooo Danny Sanchez, Emiko , Kish!, KIBO & Amber Perri


What’s coming up for the rest of the year?


Rest of year I got a lot to look forward to. Project as well as a few collab ep’s, singles, visuals. Loads of shows maybe a headline show before the end of the year.

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