Speaking to the South-London artist on his debut album, 'Dorking Close', finding inspiration in everyday life and what's coming up for 2020.

What was the inspiration for your debut project, ‘Dorking Close’? 


My willingness to be a great was my inspiration for the ‘Dorking Close’ LP. All the greats have a body of work from the beginnings stages that reflect their real emergence on the music scene. 


Who did you work with to create the project and what was the creative process like?


I have worked with some talented producers; Rhymez, Sheng, Yomi and C2. We had so many bangers we decided not to put the Rhymez song on the project and try drop after, during summer.


There was also just time I spent secluded just writing everyday, Ayo would come back from work to a new track. That’s why I put 11 songs on the LP - because I have a lot more in the bank. 


What do you hope your listeners take away from the project?


I hope they first digest the project thoroughly, and realise that if this is my first project imagine what I do later. 


Is there a track on the album that you feel best encapsulates sonically what you wanted to put across through the project?


Yes, ‘No tax’! That’s the energy we always coming with.


What was the inspiration for your single, ‘RTW’?


My friend Lil Hass (but he’s older than me) he loved sending voice notes of him making hooks and different verses, like he’s trying to help me with my writing. He sent me the RTW hook one of those times and the rest is history. 


How important is imagery to you and how was creating the visuals for the track?


I think it is very important to have a video to a song because it completes the picture. We enjoyed our time at that shoot and Sharon the model, still the best model I’ve worked with.


What was your inspiration for ‘Coulda Been’ and ‘Coulda Been, Pt.2’?


‘Coulda Been part 2 is a sequel to 'Coulda Been',  (which was my second official release), it's a soulful afroswing type song that essentially is about loving yourself or nobody can. The first verse is a proclamation to ones self to then give yourself the go ahead to be vulnerable with someone else, which is done in the second verse. The music video demonstrates it perfectly. 


What were the main themes behind, ‘For Me’ and how did the success of the track impact your following?


The  idea behind ‘For Me’ is essentially how far would you go for someone you care about and what’s the deepest you will roll? 


Which fellow Lewisham-based artists would you recommend to your listeners?


Tmuni! His sound is different from mine but he’s so cold! 


What was your path to getting into music and how did you find your specific sound?


First, it was Lil Hass, he took me to my first session with a producer. I wasn’t so sure about how I sounded at that session, so my boy Jfats took me to a different producer, dbeats, and from there the bangers didn’t stop. 


Who is inspiring your current or future sound?


Everyone and everything! I think I get ideas from just from the things that happened during the day. Even for ‘Coulda Been’ I thought about the hook when I was watching a movie, literally the whole hook.  It just happens like that sometimes.


Recommend five artists for your listeners … 


Bella’swavy, Juvie, Slimzy, Russ Glacier and Tmuni. 3/5 of those artists are on the Dorking Close project so go check them. 


What’s coming up for 2020?


More music! More music! More music! I have been working with a few different producers like Forrest beats and Rhymez so the rest of 2020 is looking very positive so stay tuned.

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