The Newham-born producer speaks on his latest EP 'c2c', the inspiration behind his singular debut EP 'Mellow' and his most versatile tracks alongside Skepta and A$AP Rocky.

How has the process been working on your forthcoming EP?

It was cool, started off trying to rehash an old song I made with Joe James (West Ham). Wanted to release it as a two-part single. The two track single, became a three & now, somehow we are at eight. Testament to Joe’s work rate really, as he’s on five of eight tracks.

What were the main narratives of this new project?

I was born & raised in Newham, but for the majority of my teens, I spent a lot of time in Essex. So, this project is supposed to represent both Joe & I’s relationship to the train line that was significant to tons of experiences that occurred. The idea behind the focus on c2c, is the how each stop had it’s own emotions & experiences linked to it. For example, 'SSS (Southend, Seaside, Singalong)' is supposed to invoke the feeling of being on a day out to the beach, but then on the way to station being caught between some football fans. Ultimately, we’re just tryna give the listener a glimpse into the each stop with the track.

How has the creative process of this project differed from your debut?

This project differed to the 'Mellow EP' as the Joe James verses are all original. I typically have the same process with crate digging samples, as I do acapellas. Aiming to reinvent already popular or known Grime vocals. I still have elements of that in this project.

What were the main inspirations for your debut ‘Mellow’?

I just wanted to give the world some Mellow Grime & create something I can make physical vinyls for.

How did the collaborations come about for that project and what was your favourite collaboration from the EP and why?

I’ve been blessed to have friends in the industry & to be known by many artists, so they have made it possible to get access to certain vocals needed for my projects. My favourite was the Joe James one, it’s the reason we have c2c.


How do you go about bringing together all of your influences in order to create something authentic?

Not something I’ve ever thought about it really - I just always liked sample-based, hip-hop. So, I took that approach & brought it to Grime. The beauty of sample-based, hip-hop is you can use any influences.

"1. Youtube for the tutorials

2. Reddit for the drum kits

3. Make what you like"

When did you first get into producing and how has your sound evolved over the years?

I started in 2014 & if I can remember right I was making deep house. Still sample based out of necessity, didn’t even know where to start with making music, but I know I wanted to. The evolution would be focusing purely on the mellow grime sound & keeping it British.

What would be your top three tips for producers starting out?


1. Youtube for the tutorials

2. Reddit for the drum kits

3. Make what you like


"Grime’s typically dark, electronic & guilty. Mellow Grime is just keeping the lyrical content, but packaging it with a more mellow sound."

If you had to choose two tracks to best show your range as a producer, which would they be and why?

1 - KwolleM - Da Mellow ft. A$AP Rocky & Skepta

2 - KwolleM - Different Pattern Ft. Manga, Jme & Prez T

How was touring with Places + Faces?

Ahh when I was in my DJ bag, DJing at the best parties with my people’s. There was nothing better.

What’s the Mellow Grime Movement for anyone that doesn’t know?

Grime’s typically dark, electronic & guilty. Mellow Grime is just keeping the lyrical content, but packaging it with a more mellow sound. Just some variety for the people!

Which artists inspired you to get into music and who is inspiring you today?

The Alchemist, Nujabes & Knxwledge.

If you had to recommend five artists to your listeners who would they be?

Kano, DC, Knucks, Rayf, Lancey Foux.

 What’s coming up for the rest of 2020?

Hmm, maybe a video for a tune on the project? Depends on what happens with the Coronavirus stuff!

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