Speaking with SE London's producer/artist on his upcoming album, his incredibly eclectic, self-produced debut 'Do As You Wish' and which artists you should be keeping an eye on.

Sonically, what were the influences behind your debut, ‘Do as You Wish’?

I had many for that record, I kinda kept to a strict sound and it was to build an atmosphere of me being secluded so I listened to a lot of Tinashe and James Blake and some of Kanye’s old stuff. I wanted to create that world so the listeners can hear it all.

How was the process of producing your debut album and how did it allow you to push yourself creatively?

I was doing production prior to the year it was released, I wanted to make sure the sounds were right and cohesive. I based the production on my themes, mainly because it’s a direct connection - sadness, seclusion, mystery. 


How do you feel that incorporating your vocals into your instrumentals can create a unique atmosphere?

It makes you stand out a lot, a pioneer like Timbaland did that throughout all his records in the early 90’s/00’s and it cemented his place amongst the best of the best. You kinda enter the world they create as well and it’s a familiar sound because you know their voice already.

Be original,
don’t overthink, structure it!

How do you feel being a producer allows you to showcase your versatility?

It’s real important, you start to feel energy that is new and it separates you from the rest because it’s sonics that are created from your fingertips. 

If you had to pick two of your songs which you felt showcased your range, which would they be and why?

I would say 'Uncaring' and 'London Ting/Dark as f*ck' they are two different songs with two different meanings and sound completely different from each other. 'London Ting' free-styled that whole verse and the 'Uncaring' one, I wrote from the bottom of my heart; the overall feel is extremely unique.

I love to look and colours as well as abstract art forms
and minimalism.

What was the hardest song for you to produce, so far and why?

Ohhhh, I think the hardest track I’ve produced is 'Greazy' on my project 'Where the Monster Lies' there was a lot of layering to it and different structures but it was actually fun producing it!

What are your top three tips for producers starting out?

Be original, don’t overthink, structure it!


Are you inspired by mediums other than music to create a mood/atmosphere when producing?

Yeah I am! I love to look and colours as well as abstract art forms and minimalism. There’s something about the aesthetic that pulls me in. Even enjoying the scenery and going away from places/closing off myself from social media - it helps a lot, I recommend it.

It was a long progress but practice makes perfect and I really wanted to hone my own sound.

If you could produce for any artist in the world, who would it be and what kind of track would you want to make?

It would have to be Kanye. I would make something that resonates with him, study his artform and create something that he can't forget, I reckon that would be the best way to attract him - an explosive track!

How did you get into producing and what were the biggest challenges in learning?

I got into it because when I first started making music I would beat box over my old phone when I was like 11 because I didn’t know how to produce. When I got to 16, I started taking beats from YouTube and spitting over them, eventually I started to get my own equipment and mashed out the works. It was a long progress but practice makes perfect and I really wanted to hone my own sound.

What has been your favourite collaboration, so far and how does collaborating push you creatively? 

It would have to be with Loraine James, we go way back to uni days but we made something that’s sick and the record label loved it when she previewed it to them. It shows I can work with anyone on anything.

Who are five producers that you would recommend to your listeners?

dxvl, Manny Dubbs, Deevi, Mally.A, and or course me!!! 

What’s coming up for 2020?

Got my album coming this year  (I hope) been making it for a bit so I hope it slides well with the fans out there, it’s mainly produced by me with the help of my friends but it’s definitely a up tempo record compared to 'Do as You Wish' and I’m still working on them video to accompany it!

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