London's eclectic producer/artist speaks on the process of his latest project 'Tomorrow's Almost Over', how he first got into production and being influenced to remain a storyteller in his music. 

What was the creative process like for your upcoming project, ‘Tomorrow’s Almost Over’?


I wrote this EP over the course of about three months. For most of the songs, I had a kind of accidental writing process. Working on a construction site at the time, I would have hours to just think about lyrics, where I would write hooks and verses etc. Then I’d record over some music I already had on my laptop when I got home. Going on to polish those initial ideas for the three months. This happened for every song except 'lightsdown', which I wrote on a train journey last winter. 


As a producer, what were the sonic influences that went into the sound of the EP?


That’s a hard question, there are a lot of them haha. I know at the time of writing I was listening to a lot of Man Alive, Deli Daydreams and also Gil Scott


Is there a track on the project that you feel best encapsulates the overall tone, if so, which one and why?


I think I’m most proud of this project as every track has very varied thematic and sonic content. Overall, probably ‘Wait4ever’. 


What was the inspiration of your ‘L O N G D A Y S’ EP?

That EP was heavily inspired by an old friend who played guitar so beautifully. The songs wrote themselves around the chords and melodies. 

"I know the songwriting's more mature too, I’ve learnt a lot about music since the last project." 

How do you feel the sound of that project differs from your latest project?


This projects sound is a lot more diverse. I know the songwriting's more mature too, I’ve learnt a lot about music since the last project. 


How do you go about creating a story both lyrically and through your production?


For this project I wanted to experiment with the different sides of my music, and just bend and twist the production to fit the lyrics of each of the characters. The Lovrs sound is more dreamy and Lo-fi, like the track ‘Wait4ever’ and ‘been a minute’. The worsts sound is grittier and less polished - 'Control'. The Wise is more relaxed like ‘suns3t broadcast’. 


Lyrically, who are some of your biggest influences?

Jarvis Cocker is one of my favourite lyricists. I love the way he tells stories in that abstract way. I take a leaf from his book definitely, pushes me to be more poetic. Kendrick, Loyle Carner, and Frank Ocean are a few more. 

"I was introduced to production by my mate ... I just became obsessed with both sides of it after that."

When did you first get into making music and what drew you to production as well as writing?

I started to write songs when I was really young and have always loved writing music. I was introduced to production by my mate Parko who showed me Logic on the laptop and how you could just do it yourself. I just became obsessed with both sides of it after that. 

 Do you feel as a producer that it’s important to have an idea of instrumentation, if so, why?


I don’t think it’s necessary anymore. It definitely helps, being able to play an instrument that is. An idea of what sounds work together to create moods and scenes in the music does help I think but I don’t know much about that haha.


What are your top three tips for producers?


YouTube, YouTube, YouTube. 




"I think that’s why it sounds like that, you know? I just make what sounds right to me."

How do you go about keeping your sound authentic and not confining yourself to genre boundaries?


See I just don’t think about it, I think that’s why it sounds like that, you know? I just make what sounds right to me. 


Do you find inspiration in other mediums other than music e.g. film/art etc. and how do you channel that inspiration sonically?


I get inspired by listening to people being interviewed. I love hearing how people think about things. I don’t watch a lot of film or TV, my attention span is not good enough.


Which artists inspired you to get into music and who is inspiring you today?


Kevin Parker and my mate Parko, who I mentioned before, inspired me to get into making music. Both for the same reason, showing me you can do it all on your own. Hi.Lo one hundred percent inspires me.

If you had to recommend five artists to your listeners, who would they be?




Hak Baker

Andrea Chahayed


 What’s coming up for the rest of 2020?

2020's not looking too exciting haha, but I will be writing a lot, hopefully playing some of them live but mostly just getting trying to not think about 2020!

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