Birmingham's rising MC chats about her latest project in collaboration with Cuzn Fred, her biggest lyrical inspirations and Birmingham's best upcoming talent.


The Essex-born, London-based musician speaks on her latest single 'Falling', being selected for Native Management's, T3 initiative and the importance of getting more women into production.


The rising Nigerian drill artist chats about the influences of his latest single 'Gangland', the anticipation for his 2021 debut EP and Africa's growing drill scene.


The Bronx-born, Afro-beat inspired artist speaks on the release of his debut album 'Modern Age', singing in church since the age of three and the thriving NY Afro-beat scene.


The London-based trio chat about there debut EP 'MEDIUMN', the importance of their DIY ethos and how lockdown allowed their creativity to bloom.


Hackney's rising lyricist chats about the release of his latest single '1 Phone', keeping the energy right in his visuals and spending everyday of lockdown in the studio with 4Play and Keeya Keys.


The Swedish-born, London-based musician speaks on her latest EP 'Daydreaming', her creative production process and the importance of visuals to her music.


Nottingham's rising musician speaks on the release of his debut EP 'Hey', his transition from rapping to singing and the Nottingham based artists you should have on your radar.


The Netherlands raised musician chats about her latest release 'Blossom Carefully', celebrating her mixed heritage through music and taking a look back at her extensive discography.


Melbourne's multi-versal musician speaks on the release of his new project 'HDMI2', his love for his hometown's thriving music scene and working with StrangeLoop Studios. 

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Manchester's ever-evolving singer/songwriter speaks on his latest release 'Take Control', his love for the Manchester music scene and being brave and growing with his sound.


Norway's futuristic-soul five-piece talk about the release of their debut mixtape 'GiddyMix', trying to continue creating throughout lockdown and their favourite hometown artists.


The South-West's singer/songwriter speaks on his latest single 'Peach', making his first visual during lockdown and the process of developing his sound.


The Manchester-based musician speaks on releasing his first self-produced single 'Missing You', the success of his debut 'Courage' and the local Manchester artists he admires.


South Africa's rising artist speaks on her latest EP 'Charcotta', intersecting her music with visual art and the benefits of being an instrumentalist to her writing process. 


The London-based lyricist talks on the themes of his most recent release 'Mania', his transition from poetry to music and which artists are on his radar.


The Sudanese, Netherlands-raised musician speaks on the process of creating her debut EP 'Overture', working with Full Crate on her first release and debuting on Colours.


South-East London's, Hana, speaks on her latest single, the self-empowering 'Poppin', the process of creating her debut EP and remaining a storyteller at the heart of her music.


The Leeds-based, experimental, electro-jazz four-piece speaks on their latest release 'Heaven Bound', the blossoming Leeds jazz scene and not allowing rules to hinder their creativity.


Stockport's Shango SK speaks on his latest visuals for 'The Rush', the release of his first single 'Innocent' and which artists from Manchester's thriving music scene you should be listening to.


Croydon's intricate-lyricist talks about his debut EP alongside Beau Peep 'Everything is Temporary', his Caravaggio inspired SoundCloud releases and creating visuals for his latest project.


London's Kwazi Cort speaks on his latest project 'Blood on the English Carpet', cultivating his own wave of 'Grock' and the importance of remaining authentic.


The London-based artist speaks on his latest single 'Flavour', working alongside The Loosies during lockdown and his Plus TRBE recordings family.


Speaking to London's experimental-musician Fouray on his latest single 'Night Bus!', this years 'LOCO' EP and his favourite artists from the city's blossoming New Wave scene.


The Kent-based musician speaks on the release of his debut EP 'The Sommer Pack', creating his vibrant visuals alongside Lauzza and constantly evolving with his music.


The Virginia-based artist speaks on his latest single 'Playground', the wide-ranging influences that go into his music and the benefits of staying independent.


South-London musician and all-round creative TINYMAN, speaks about working on The Loosies Project, the creation of ORPHGANG and creative communities in a  post-Covid world.


London's R&B songstress, Shae Universe, speaks on her incredible latest single 'You Lose', being heavily influenced by gospel and her collaborations with Etta Bond and Boogie.


The London-based musician talks about her new single 'Shark', learning to produce her own music and exploring her influences to bring you into her inner world through music.


The South-London artist fusing everything from RnB to Bossa Nova speaks on her latest EP 'Mirage' and which London-based artists you should be listening too. 


Talking to Welsh lyricist Deyah on her latest EP 'Care City', the importance of visuals and storytelling in her music and her label imprint 'High Mileage, Low Life'.


Talking to the Birmingham-based singer/songwriter on her debut EP 'Recovering Lover', finding her sound and future collaborations.


Speaking to London's cosmic, neo-soul artist on her debut single 'Orbit', encapsulating her listeners with her lyricism and what to expect from her forthcoming EP.


Speaking with one of Nigeria's most versatile artists, Lady Donli, on her debut album 'Enjoy Your Life', having DaVido remix her track 'Cash' and the thriving Alté scene.


Speaking with Brighton's genre-defying artist on her latest single 'Flowers', creating her debut album and the process of starting her own record label, PINC.


Talking to the LA-based musician on her latest EP, 'Tender', having her music played on Issa Rae's, 'Insecure' and co-directing the non-profit, 'Over Everything' Record Label.


Speaking to Enny Integrity on her debut single, 'He's Not Into You', her background in film and which artists she can't stop listening to.


Speaking to the South-London artist on his debut album, 'Dorking Close', finding inspiration in everyday life and what's coming up for 2020.


LA's Brandon Banks speaks to us about his latest EP, 'STATIC', his hometown pride and his love for a good bassline.


Birmingham's colourful, alternative-soul artist speaks with us about his debut album, 'Press L to Continue', being inspired by retro video games and his soulection White Label.


Talking to LA-Based, Denmark-raised neo-soul artist Nanna.B on her beginnings in music, her creative process and working with Anderson .Paak. 


The London-based artist talks about his latest EP, 'Heavens Gate', the importance of creative collaboration and which artists are currently inspiring his own craft.


Talking to Coventry-based, Belgium-raised artist Puellae on her debut EP, 'Cloud 22', the struggle of being independent in Belgium and which UK-based artists she's listening to.


Talking to London-based, Roma-raised rapper, singer and producer Shunaji on her latest single, 'Perfect Like Venus' and the inspiration for her distinctive sound.


Speaking to the West-Midlands raised rapper on his new single, 'Luther', Birmingham's music scene and what's coming up in 2020.


Speaking to Amahla on her latest single 'Apathy', winning the Lynsey de Paul Prize and finding a balance between the old and new.


Talking to London-based musician Darkness on his new single, 'Darling', producing for Dizzee Rascal and his dream collaboration.


Speaking with North London's self-proclaimed Psalmist Dan Onkar on his latest single 'Standing', his musical influences and his growth as an artist.


Speaking with the

West-London rapper on his latest single, 'Not Right', remaining consistently versatile and his upcoming Brixton Jamm show.


Talking to London's KEEPVIBESNEAR on his new single, 'Days Get Better', his creative process and expressing his vulnerabilIty through music.


Talking to Telegraph Hill's upcoming rap-artist on his latest single 'Comfort Zone', making his name on pirate radio and the South-London creative scene.


Speaking to LA's upcoming

neo-soul artist on the honesty of her debut project, her genre of Flower Trap and the

close-knit LA music scene.


Speaking to the Underground king and 237 mob leader KISH! on his EP 'Crybaby' and creating a new wave of



Speaking to Kadeem Tyrell on his upcoming EP, his

South-London influences and who you need to be listening to on the upcoming R&B scene.


Speaking to Pasadena's Katori Walker on his new 'Stubborn' EP, curating his first art exhibition and remaining a storyteller in his music.


South-London's BINA.

speaks to us about her

debut EP 'Humble Abode',

her musical influences

and the London R&B scene.


Speaking to Melbourne's KAIIT about her creative process, who she's been listening to and the Melbourne music scene, ahead of her London show at XOYO.



Speaking to the genre-bending musician about his record label Songs 4 Girls, working for NTS and what we can expect from his next project.


South-East London's Le3 bLACK speaks about his upcoming album, the UK music scene and being a part of the 237 crew.


Jurdan Bryant speaks to us about his compelling new single 'Outside', the Baltimore music scene and working as part of Spillage Village.


Speaking to LA-based musician Malia on growing her

sound with The Internet and continuing to create in spite of doubt 


The LA-native gives us the low down on who you should be listening to, whilst introducing us to her sound.  



Talking about everything her new EP 'Show You' has to offer, Hunnah explores her influences and her 'unreasonable' love for Jojo.