Louisville's emerging singer/songwriter speaks on creating her debut EP 'Love Letterz', catching the attention of and working with production legend Timbaland and who her favourite hometown artists are.

You’ve just released your latest single ‘Countless Times’, what were your initial inspirations for the track?

The inspiration behind this song is basically about self-love and self-reflection. I didn’t want to teach someone how to love me, so I had to learn to love myself so that I knew what I wanted. And just put myself first, I had to come to realise it starts with me.

How was the process of working on the single? 

It was basically me writing a freestyle on Instagram and I literally just finished writing the rest of it and I went to record it in the studio. 

How has spending the year dropping a range of singles allowed you to experiment with your sound? 

It just opens me up to more of what I’m capable of and still learning my voice. 

"... I’m hands on with a lot of things."

You’ve also dropped a range of visuals for your singles, how important is that visual aspect to your music?

It is very important because I’m hands on with a lot of things. I’d rather show videos of what I mean and I just want people to clearly understand what I’m talking about and why.

What has been your favourite video to shoot, so far and why?

Definitely, 'So Frequently' because it was my first big video and I had a lot of fun making it.  The process was new but everyone made me feel at ease and it was a dope vibe all around.


How has the process been of working on your upcoming debut EP ‘Love Letterz’?

It’s been great.  I’ve had these songs for a while and deciding on which ones we felt we wanted to give my fans to listen to and to connect with has been enjoyable.  I hope they enjoy this first project since it will help fans to get to know me a little more.

"I would be singing around the house with my mom learning from her ..."

What did you want to explore within the project and what were your main influences going into making it?

Just being truthful in what I wanted to share. As for influences, being able to share my experiences or experiences I was around helped.  

When did you first start making music and how did you come to the sound you have today?


I first started making music around eight years old. I would be singing around the house with my mom learning from her with vocals and songs she taught me.  I got into songwriting around the age of eleven and my mom and I sang together around the house. I just picked up on all the little stuff she would do and make it my own lol.


"Come to find out it really was him and he flew me out and we worked for three days and made four records ..."



How did Timbaland end up discovering you and how has it been working with him and having his expertise and support?

I had posted a freestyle one day on my Instagram and it was gaining a lot of attention and it was blowing up.  I had like 4,000 views. That’s the most views I had ever seen.  I only had like 1000  followers and he had seen my video and he messaged me. He said “yoooo your pen game is crazy”.  I was like yoooo this is really not him - I went into investigation mode.  Come to find out it really was him and he flew me out and we worked for three days and made four records, two of which are on my EP that I’m super excited about.

Being from Louisville, are there any local artists you would recommend?

Yess A few artists from my hometown,, @nisethenymph, @thetrapsteve, @emadgin, @path_502, @sashareneemusic, @_bblasian, @emmaredmon, @semisixteenz, @paperboycasino.

Which artists first inspired you to get into music and who is inspiring you today?


Definitely Ms Lauryn Hill, Brandy, Jhene Aiko, Erykah Badu, Teyanna Taylor, K Michelle, Keyshia Cole and I would say the same people still inspire me.

If you had to recommend five artists to your listeners, who would you choose?


Christopher Cross 

Lauryn hill 

Micheal Jackson 

Jhene Aiko

What’s coming up for 2021?


I got a lot more visuals and a lot more amazing music so y’all get readyyyyy and my EP comes out June 17th - the countdown beginnnnss.

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