Croydon's immersive musician speaks on the inspiration for his latest release 'Love', the role of his creative house 'WORKS' within his visuals and remaining honest in his songwriting.

You recently dropped your double-single release ‘Love’, how has the response been and what was the inspiration for dropping it as a double-single?


Two reasons, I got bored of the idea that I have to drop one song and video at once, that’s just kind of boring tbh. And I love the idea of showing two sides to me as an artist.

What did you want to explore within the singles and what were the initial inspirations, lyrically and sonically, for the release?

I think sonically, with 'Lover' I was really feeling that Playboi Carti, wavey sounds and thought that with melodies like mine it would really just give me space to talk my talk. While with 'Couldn’t Have' sonically, I wanted to bring Afro R&B and make just a pretty song.

Lyrically, I think 'Lover' was me just opening up my brain on an mp3. It’s just all of these thoughts and feelings coming at you one after the other and it’s kinda up to the listener to piece together, I like that.

'Couldn’t Have' was a song about a relationship but the song was actually inspired by the Sade song 'I Couldn’t Love You More' where I think I felt the sentiment in a relationship and I think I just wanted write about a feeling I had about someone.

You also dropped the vibrant video, who did you work with on the shoot, and what were your main influences, aesthetically?

I, as part of my creative house WORKS creative directed the video along with the help of Frio Films who worked as DOP and editor. But I created and produced the film as a whole.

I think it was just about presenting the energy I was coming with like it’s just me, I guess you can see my face, I think I try to show my influences in the video - girls, music, nice things ... it’s all in the details which play a big part in my life.

"I am always tryna put out innovative and creative ways for us to consume stories"

This release is a part of your upcoming live cinematic film due to drop over the coming months, can you tell us a bit more about the project?

I think with WORKS, my creative house, I am always tryna put out innovative and creative ways for us to consume stories using music, film - everything so I am working on it, but it deffo something I would want more partners on.

How important is creating visuals for your music and creating a story with them?

 I think visuals are very essential when delivering the experience, you kinda want people to really get immersed in the universe and the music and the visual kinda lets you do that. 


Last year saw you drop a range of singles, how important has it been to experiment within these releases?

I wouldn’t even say I have experimented yet, but I have just been tryna touch different vibes and really just tap into the right music and energy.

"It’s ups and downs, there’s just lots of peaks and valleys."

Having a busy year, how was working in general throughout 2020, for you creatively?

It’s ups and downs, there’s just lots of peaks and valleys. Then when the music's mad personal and I’m listening to it, it’s like damm that stuff's crazy and I guess that inspires me more.


"if it’s not honest there is definitely some embellishment, I like to say it’s semi-autobiographical ..."

How important is it for you to remain an honest storyteller within your music?

It’s vital, it just doesn’t seem authentic - if it’s not honest there is definitely some embellishment, I like to say it’s semi-autobiographical, we gotta make it fun. 

If you had to choose two of your tracks to best show your range as an artist, which would you choose and why?

I need three, I have a song called 'Off White Lies' it’s a demo and '2AM' which I got that’s coming out soon but to be extra I would say 'troublemakers'.


Being from Croydon, are there any local artists you would recommend?


Maybe not from the CR0  area specifically, but I would say local to me FR Joey, VGO, Nizzy and Papi Billi.

Which artists first inspired you to get into music and who is inspiring you today?


Young Money, Lil Twist and Lil Chuckee, Kanye West, The Beatles, Drake (obviously), 9ice and Justin Bieber

And today I would say Party, Wiz Kid, Baby Keem, Billie Eilish, Rema, Lil Durk, Tems - everyone to be honest.

If you had to recommend five artists to your listeners, who would you choose?

Billie Eilish, Young Thug, Beach Boys, Drake, Amy Winehouse.

What’s coming up for 2021?


Bare vibes. 2022 is when it becomes a series then maybe 2023/24 movies settings - but right now, it’s just vibes.


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